Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation Budget

Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation budget documents provide details of receipts and expenditures of the civic body. It gives major head, minor account code and detailed head-wise details of different types of receipts and expenditure, both revenue and capital.

About the Budget

  1. The budget documents of Muzaffarpur are given at various levels - Major, Minor and Detailed Account code wise. The account codes are in alignment with the National Municipal Accounting Manual.
  2. There are certain cases where the detailed codes have not been provided by the budget document; in such cases we have also given the description only up to the minor code level.
  3. The nomenclature used in the budget document is Revenue and Capital Receipts and Payments. The data set uses the terms Revenue and Capital Receipts and Expenditure.
  4. The budget gives the units in Rupees. In the data set, the amounts are in Rupees Lakhs.
  5. There are some totaling errors in the budget document. Please refer Reconciliation sheet for explanation.
  6. When there are nil allocations in the budget, the municipal corporation presents it as a dash or as a blank or a zero. In the data set, we have presented nil allocations as zero.
  7. The budget estimates of 2013-14 are from the 2014-15 budget document, the budget estimates for 2014-15 are from the 2015-16 budget document and the budget estimates for 2015-16 and 2016-17 are from the 2016-17 budget document.


  • BCG-Bacillus Calmette–Guérin
  • BPL-Below Poverty Line
  • BRGF-Backward Regions Grant Fund
  • DA-Dearness Allowance
  • Dept-Department
  • EMD-Earnest Money Deposit
  • ESI-Employee's State Insurance Corporation
  • Exp-Expenses
  • GI-Galvonised Iron
  • HUDCO-Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited
  • IHSDP-Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programmes
  • IT-Information Technology
  • JNNURM-Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
  • LIC-Life Insurance Corporation
  • NULM-National Urban Livelihoods Mission
  • PF-Provident Fund
  • RTI-Right to Information
  • SJSRY-Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana
  • SPUR-Support Programme for Urban Reforms
  • UIDSMT-Urban infrastructure Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns
  • WIP-Work in Progress

Additional Info

Field Value
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Source Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs