About Us

The platform, Open Budgets India, has resulted from collective efforts by many organisations and individuals, led by Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA). CBGA is an independent, non-profit policy research organisation working towards enhancing transparency and accountability and fostering people's participation in governance by demystifying government budgets. Increasingly, people across the country are keen to understand and participate meaningfully in discussions on government budgets. But, the limited availability of relevant and accessible information on budgets in India at different levels has been a hindrance in this regard. In this context, our endeavour is to strengthen the discourse and demand for availability of all budget information in public domain in a timely and accessible manner, at all levels of government in the country. As part of the efforts in this sphere, we have developed the portal - Open Budgets India (OBI), which is meant to be a comprehensive and user-friendly open data portal that can facilitate free, easy and timely access to relevant data on government budgets in India. The portal provides budget information of different tiers of government in India (Union Budget, State Budgets, and Budgets of several Municipal Corporations across the country) in accessible and open (non-proprietary) formats. The four major features of the portal, as of now (in the beta version), are:

  • Budget documents (i.e. the original PDF documents);
  • Machine Readable Datasets (for those budget documents, where it was technically feasible to prepare machine readable datasets);
  • Visualizations (or infographics) generated from the machine readable datasets; and
  • Budget basics (for greater familiarity with budget concepts, processes and documents).

This is an on-going project; in the coming months, we will work towards expanding the coverage of budget data available on the portal and present a greater proportion of the data in machine readable formats (i.e. CSVs and MS-Excel, instead of only PDFs). Moreover, we will also be adding a database for facilitating inter-State comparability of budget data across years. However, we believe it is necessary to carry out this expansion as an incremental, public process. Hence, we have made the beta version of OBI live and we are seeking feedback and suggestions (from all potential users) on how could this portal be made more useful in future.

The Team

Technical Team:

  • Akshay Verma
  • Gaurav Godhwani
  • Jayant Pahuja
  • Suchismita Naik
  • Swati Jaiswal

Research, Advocacy & Programme Team - CBGA:

  • Amar Chanchal
  • Khwaja Mobeen Ur. Rehman
  • Malini Chakravarty
  • Rajalakshmi Nair
  • Rohith Jyotish
  • Simonti Chakraborty
  • Subrat Das

Budget Database Team – CBGA:

  • Abdul Muiz
  • Adnan Tyagi
  • Khwaja Mohd. Wamiq
  • Ram Gati Singh
  • Rayyan Ali
  • Saifullah Khan
  • Surajita Rout

Our Supporters

This initiative has been made possible with the generous financial support and guidance of a number of institutions, which include:

We are thankful to:

  • Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), DataMeet, DataKind - Bangalore Chapter and Omdiyar Network (ON) for helping significantly in the conceptualisation of the project;
  • DataKind - Bangalore Chapter for their support in developing the portal;
  • Macromoney Research Initiatives Private Ltd. for their help in making available budget data of a large number of Municipal Corporations; and
  • Our partner organisations across the country focusing on governments budgets, viz. Budget Analysis Rajasthan Centre (BARC), Jaipur; National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS), Pune; and Pathey, Ahmedabad, for their extensive help in collecting, collating and translating budget data of a number of Municipal Corporations.

Open Budgets India (OBI) would not have been possible without the inspiration, guidance and suggestions of the members of our Advisory Committee:

  • Amitabh Behar (National Foundation for India, Delhi)
  • Mahender Jethmalani (Pathey, Ahmedabad)
  • Meenakshi Sharma (Indian Audits and Accounts Service)*
  • Nesar Ahmad (Budget Analysis Rajasthan Centre, Jaipur)
  • Sumandro Chattapadhyay (Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore)
  • Tapas Sen, (formerly with National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Delhi)*

(* in their individual capacity)