Lucknow Municipal Corporation Budget

Lucknow Municipal Corporation budget documents provide function-wise and account-wise details of different types of receipts and expenditure of the local body.

About the Budget

1.This data set is based on the budgets of Lucknow Municipal Corporation for the FY 2014-15 to 2020-21. 2. The budget documents are in Hindi. They have been translated into English. 3. The budgets are organised function wise and account wise. 4. The budget documents do not carry account codes as per the National Municipal Accounting Manual. Based on the codes assigned in the budget, we have segregated the receipts and expenditure at the major head level and the detailed level. 5. The budget for any year gives the budget estimates for the coming year, the actuals for the previous year, the revised estimates for the current year and the 9 months Actuals for the current financial year till December. 6. The budget estimates are taken from the budget document of the current financial year. Say for instance, the 2013-14 budget estimates are from the 2013-14 budget document, and so on. 7. When there are nil allocations in the budget, the municipal corporation presents it as a dash or as a blank or a zero. In the data set, we have presented nil allocations as zero.


  • DUDA-District Urban Development Agency , AMRUT-Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation , CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility , MLALAD-Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development , MPLAD-Member of Parliament Local Area Development , SUDA-State Urban Development Authority

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Keywords "Lucknow" , "Revenue" , "Capital" , "Expenditure" , "Receipts" , "Property Tax" , "Other Income", "Municipal Properties" , "User Charges" , "Public Works" , "Road" , "Miscellaneous" , "Lighting" , "Water& Sanitation" , "Naya Savera" , "Parking Contract" , "Beautification" , "Civic Amenities" , "Swatchh Bharat" , "AMRUT" , "Smart City" , "Immovable Property" , "Contract Labour" , "Education" , "Public Health" , "Urban Poor" , "Installation of Statues" , "Repair & Renovation" , "Construction Liabilities" , "Deposit (SUDA)" , "License Fee" , "Grants" , "Petrol and Diesel" , "Goshala"
Source Lucknow Municipal Corporation Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs