Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Budget

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation budget documents provide department-wise details of different types of receipts and expenditure. The data in the budget document is not segregated into revenue and capital.

About the Budget

1.This data set is based on the budget documents of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation for the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016- 17. 2. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation budget has three categories of receipts- Plan, Non-Plan and Own receipts. 3. Plan expenditure is mostly capital expenditure though there are revenue components as well. Non-plan expenditure relates to recurring expenditure such as salaries, office expenses and maintenance. 4. The own receipts, plan and non-plan expenditure are arranged department wise. There are no account codes in the budget document. The data in the budget document is not segregated into revenue and capital. However, there is a write up on details of plan expenditure in the budget document which gives the revenue and capital portion of the planned expenditure only for the budget year. 5. In the budget document, certain rows of data are combined. This is to say, certain items of receipts and expenditure are aggregated. We have retained the data in the same way as there is no clear logic to apportion the amount across the rows. 6. The budget estimates of 2013-14 are from the 2014-15 budget document, the budget estimates for 2014-15 are from the 2015-16 budget document and the budget estimates for 2015-16 and 2016-17 are from the 2016-17 budget document.


  • BOT-Build Own and Transfer , CC-Community Centre , HBA-House Building Advance , NULM-National Urban Livelihoods Mission , RTI-Right to Information , IEC-Information, Education, Communication , MCC-Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh , NR-Non Residential , SJSRY-Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana , W/S-Water Supply , B&R-Buildings and Roads , CMC-Chandigarh Municipal Corporation , NAC-Notified Area Committee , PH-Public Health , S.E-Senior Engineer , W/C-Work Charged

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Keywords "Chandigarh" , "Revenue" , "Capital" , "Expenditure" , "Receipts" , "Property Tax" , "Apni Mandi" , "Estate Receipts" , "National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)" , "Senaj Safai Kendra (SSK)" , "Roads and Bridges" , "Urban Development" , "Electrification" , "Minor Irrigation" , "JNNURM" , "Parking Lots" , "Street Light" , "Civic Amenities" , "Public Health" , "Sulabh Sauchalaya" , "Pest Control Operation" , "Fire Service", "Infrastructure Facilities" , "Primary Education" , "Dispensaries" , "E-governance" , "SJSRY" , "Solid Waste Management" , "Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan" , "Medical Officer" , "Landscaping" , "Sewerage Treatment Plant" , "Public Toilets" , "Economically Weaker sector"
Source Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs