Vadodara Municipal Corporation Budget

Budget of Vadodara Municipal Corporation provides budget-code and account-code wise details of different types of receipts, both revenue and capital. It also provides details of expenditure, revenue and capital.

About the Budget

  1. The Budget Document of Vadodara Municipal Corporation is presented in Gujarati. This is the translated version (into English) of the original Gujarati document.
  2. Vadodara Municipal Corporation presents its budgets on Cash and Accrual Basis. Here we have presented the budgets on Cash Basis.
  3. In Vadodara Municipal Corporation's budget functions/services are presented with budget codes and the outlay/expenditure/receipt are shown with account codes. The budget codes have three digits and the account codes have five digits. However, the expenditure for permanent staff or schedule employment is not shown with account codes.
  4. The Budget codes are combination of letters and number, e.g. 'B-0101101'. The account codes are five digit numbers.
  5. As we could not access the budget document of Vadodara Municipal Corporation for the year 2015-16, the datasets does not have Revised Estimates for 2014-
  6. The figures are given in Rs. Lakhs.
  7. The Budget does not provide the opening balance or the closing balance for any of the years presented here.
  8. We have done our best to interpret the various acronyms in the budget document. We could not find the explanation for a few items.


  • MGVC-Madhya Gujarat Vij Company (Central Gujarat Electricity Company)
  • EWS-Economically Weaker Section
  • JNURNM -Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal National Mission
  • MC-Municipal Corporation
  • UCD -Urban Community Development
  • RTI-Right To Information
  • VUDA-Vadodara Urban Development Authority
  • HUDCO -Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  • TP-Town Planning
  • VMC-Vadodara Municipal Corporation
  • EVM-Electronic Voting Machine
  • NURM-National Urban Renewable Mission
  • PPP-Public Private Partnership

Additional Info

Field Value
Keywords "Vadodara", "Receipt", "Expenditure", "Revenue", "Capital", "General Tax and Miscellaneous Income", "Public Safety", "Public Health and Wellness", " Solid Waste Management", "Medical Assistance", "Public Works", "National Housing Board", "VMC's Contribution for State's Capital Works", "Discretional Grant of Elected Members for Local Development", "IT(Information and Technology) Department", "Town Development", "Ataldara Purification Plant", "Public Health and Hygienic -Vaccination-BCG Triple Polio Vaccination", "Integrated Child Development Scheme", "Family Welfare Centre", "Udhan Pari", "Housing and Urban Development Loan", "Registration of Birth and Death", "Workshop and Vehicle pool", "PRO(Public Relation Office) and Press Department", "VUDA", "Urban Community Development Scheme", "NURM", "Regularization of Encroachment and Gumastadhara(Shops and Establishment)"
Source Vadodara Municipal Corporation Budget Documents from the Budget Document for the years 2014-15 and 2016-17
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs