Udaipur Municipal Corporation Budget

Budget of Udaipur Municipal Corporation provides details of receipts and expenditures of the local body.

About the Budget

  1. In Udaipur Municipal Corporation Budget document, information has been provided only for the Proposed Budget and the Actual Budget. It does not provide information about the Approved budget or the Revised Budget. The same presentation has been followed in the datasets.
  2. The original budget document does not categorise the data under Major/ Minor heads. It is presented section wise which have further sub sections and each sub-section has various items in it. These items are given codes. First, Revenue Receipts is given which is followed by Capital Receipts, then Revenue Expenditure and then Capital expenditure which then is followed by expenditure on Tax Collection and others.
  3. In the original budget document for the year 2013-14, page number 13 and 14 are missing which are supposed to have information on the budget for Garage and fire. Therefore, in the datasheet the total of these two have been taken from the budget summary in the document.
  4. The figures in the original budget are already given in 'Rs. Lakh' and are used as it is in the data set.
  5. The original budget provides data in both English and Hindi language.


  • B.O.T.-Build-Operate-Transfer
  • BPL-Below Poverty Line
  • CM-Chief Minister
  • IHSDP-Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme
  • MLA-Member of Legislative Assembly
  • NOC-No Objection Certificate
  • NULM-National Urban Livelihood Mission
  • UIT-Urban Improvement Trust

Additional Info

Field Value
Keywords "B.O.T.-Build-Operate-Transfer", "BPL-Below Poverty Line", "CM-Chief Minister", "IHSDP-Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme", "MLA-Member of Legislative Assembly", "NOC-No Objection Certificate", "NULM-National Urban Livelihood Mission", "UIT-Urban Improvement Trust"
Source Udaipur Municipal Corporation Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs