Shimla Municipal Corporation Budget

Shimla Municipal Corporation budget documents provide detailed sources of its receipts and expenditure incurred by the local body for various functions.

About the Budget

  1. Shimla Municipal Corporation budget provides function-wise details of different types of receipts and expenditure, both revenue and capital at detailed head level. 2. The budget data has been captured for 2012-13 (actuals), 2013-14 (BE), 2013-14 (RE, 2013-14 (actuals), 2014-15 (BE), 2014-15 (RE) and 2015-16 (BE). 3. The amounts are in Rs. lakhs


  • CPS-Commuted Pension Scheme
  • D&O-Dangerous and Offensive
  • EIUS -Environment Improvement of Urban Slums
  • EMD-Earnest Money Deposit
  • EPF-Employee Provident Fund
  • EU-European Union
  • GOI-Government of India
  • HBA-House building Advance
  • LTC-Leave Travel Concession
  • MC-Municipal Corporation
  • NOC-No Objection Certificate
  • NPFA-Non PFA
  • NSDP-National Social Development Program
  • NULM-National Urban Livelihoods Mission
  • PFA-Prevention of Food Adulteration
  • PPP-Public Private Partnership
  • PRUDA-Planning and Resources on Urban Development Affairs
  • SFC-State Finance Commission
  • SJSRY-Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
  • UMTC-Urban Mass Transit Company Limited

Additional Info

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Source Shimla Municipal Corporation budget documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs