Firozabad Municipal Corporation Budget

Firozabad Municipal Corporation Budget is a statement of receipts and expenditures of the local body. It has a brief document in Hindi for 2014-15 budget. However, the 2015-16 budget document presents details of receipts account-head wise and expenditure department-wise.

About the Budget

  1. The 2014-15 budget is a brief document in Hindi. It presents Receipts Account Head wise and Expenditure department wise. Only a summary is given.
  2. The 2015-16 budget is a detailed document in English. It presents both Receipts and Expenditure Account Head wise. Revenue and Capital items are clearly seggregated.
  3. The data set captures the details given in the 2015-16 document and is organised Account head wise. We were able to map the Receipts from the 2014-15 budget to the data set. However, as expenditure is given department wise, we were unable to map it to the data set as the 2015-16 budget document is not arranged department wise. Further, as the expenditure is not clearly seggregated into revenue and capital, we have not entered these details in the summary sheet.
  4. The amounts are given in units of Rupees. We have presented them in Rs. lakhs.
  5. The terminology used in the budget document are Income and Expenditure


  • UIDSSMT-Urban infrastructure Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns
  • SFC-State Finance Commission
  • TFC-Thirteenth Finance Commission
  • FDR-Fixed Deposit Rates
  • SB-Savings Bank
  • LIC-Life Insurance Corporation
  • GI-Group Insurance
  • PWD-Public Works Department
  • MP-Member of Parliament
  • MLA-Member of Legislative Assembly
  • VITT-,CM-Chief Minister
  • EPF-Employee Provident Fund
  • GPF-General Provident Fund
  • RD-Recurring Deposit
  • GI-Group Insurance

Additional Info

Field Value
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Source Firozabad Municipal Council Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs