Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Budget

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation budget provides details of details of receipts and expenditure of the local body.

About the Budget

  1. The budget document of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is presented in Marathi. This is the translated version (into English) of the original Marathi document.
  2. The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation budget follows a different style of coding from the other municipal budgets under BPMC
  3. Unlike the other budgets under BPMC 1949 the codes cannot be broken down into specific major and minor heads. While the codes assigned for each detailed head have been mentioned, but many detailed heads do not have any codes.
  4. In this document the data has been presented with the descriptions for major, minor and detailed heads along with the respective codes for the detailed heads (wherever available).
  5. Under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act 1949 (BPMC 1949), Corporations under jurisdiction of this act are required to present separate Budgets for Water and Drainage/Sewage departments (namely 'C' Budget). This explains the separate accounting of revenue as well as capital receipts and expenditure as 'A' Budget and 'C' Budget.
  6. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation's official website does not provide the final budget for the year 2016-17 the one available is a draft version. We obtained a hard copy of the final Budget document (2016-17) from the Municipal Corporation and that data has been entered in this document.
  7. The original budget document does not have different sections for income from and expenditure on deposits and advances. They have been presented in the sections - capital receipts and expenditure.
  8. The original budget documents use the term 'income', for which we have used the term 'receipts' in this document.
  9. All amounts have been converted into Lakhs for the sake of uniformity.


  • MIDC-Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
  • IRDP-Integrated Rural Development Programme
  • DPDC-District Planning and Development Council
  • SIDCO-Small Industries Development Corporation

Additional Info

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Source Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Budget Documents starting from the Budget Document for the year 2014-15
Unit Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs